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Dogging FAQ.


Have you ever been curious about the world of dogging, ever wanted to try it out for yourself? If yes then here are eight tips to get you on your way.....
Talk about it first

It is important before making any decisions to talk about it first to make sure you both feel comfortable, what do you both want? Do you want participation from other doggers or just to be watched fucking? Dogging can be a lot of fun but it is not for everyone. 
Plan your night
Make sure you plan well, ask friends for advice on where to go, or you can use one the many dogging websites to connect with like minded people. This will also give you a chance to discuss your personal limitations. If this is your first time it is a good idea to pick one of the more secluded locations, at the larger ones you are more likely to have other couples that want to get involved..
Location is an important factor when considering your night out, how well do you know the car park you will be visiting? Why not visit during the day to identify the exits and where is going to be a good place to get the best view? 
The Time Factor
Take the night off work, get a babysitter if needed and be prepared to wait, dogging can be a time consuming past time, especially if you choose on of the quieter locations, here will mainly be single males and it could take a while for another couple to show up. 
What to Bring
Make sure you bring an adequate supply of condoms, wet wipes and disposal bags, also any sex toys that you might want to use during the night.
Choose your space with care
As suggested before it is a good is a good idea to visit the car park during the day to choose your space, pick somewhere you can see people entering, it is also a good idea to reverse into your space to make a speedy exit possible if things don't go to plan!
Learn the signals
So you have discussed everything with your partner, have packed a dogging bag, chosen your car park and also your space but how do you let other couples know you are interested. Well doggers have a few simple ways, one is to leave the interior lights on, or to flash the headlights, alternatively you could just walk up to someone you like the look of and ask to fuck!
Discuss your experience 
It is of paramount importance to discuss your thoughts and feeling with your partner afterwards, talk about what you liked or disliked about it, silence can quickly cause problems in your relationship, dogging is not for everyone and many find that it can cause problems of jealousy, it is best to stop if this is the case, however many also get hooked and are out every weekend. It is common to see the same couples time after time, many become friends after their car park encounter.  

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